Wire Management

1U 5 Ports Wire Management

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Place of Origin:Shanghai, China

Brand Name:Tangpin

Model Number:WB-CA-03-5R

Product Name:Network Cabinet Wiring Management

Size:19 Inches


Application:Structure Cabling System



Product display:


1) The   cable management is a moulded frame which is placed between each 110   wiring block and at the top of each column of 110 blocks.

2) It   served as a horizontal trough for routing of patch cords and   cross-connect wire. It mounts on standard 19" racks or cabinets and   provided a clean, beautiful and simple means of organizing from small to   large bundles of cables and patch cord . 


19" rack horizontal mountable , 23" is available if need.

Vented metal panel body

3 vertical middle rings

2 horizontal rings beside (can be also vertical fixing)

1U or 2U height


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